Changing a Refrigerator Liquid Provide Valve. So how exactly does a water supply valve work?

Changing a Refrigerator Liquid Provide Valve. So how exactly does a water supply valve work?

A water supply valve is required to control the water coming into the appliance if your refrigerator has a water and ice dispenser feature, or even just an installed ice maker. The supply valve is generally positioned in the rear that is bottom of ice box behind an access panel. The home’s water supply usually travels through copper tubing connected to the valve inlet slot.

The supply valve is an electrically-control component with inlet and socket water ports plus one or maybe more solenoids.

whenever signaled by a control board, the solenoid or solenoids will available to enable water to enter an inlet hose which directs water with a water that is optional towards the dispenser and/or to an ice maker tray fill tube. With time, the solenoids can fail or calcium deposits can establish into the valve producing an obstruction, leading to the ice manufacturer not able to create ice and restricted, or no, water appearing out of the dispenser once the lever is pushed. Since water supply valves may not be effortlessly washed or fixed, a valve that is malfunctioning be changed having a brand new one.

How exactly to change a defective water supply valve

  • Unplug the power cord that is refrigerator’s.
  • Shut from the water supply towards the ice box.
  • Pull the ice box far from the wall surface.
  • Unthread the screws to eliminate the low back access panel. Take note, you may want to detach the copper tubing or incoming water line through the inlet valve slot before you completely take away the panel.
  • Detach the water that is incoming through the water supply valve inlet slot for those who haven’t done this already.
  • Unthread the screws to discharge water supply valve mounting dish or bracket through the fridge framework.
  • Disconnect the cable connecter or connecters through the solenoid terminals.
  • Then depress the retaining rings to detach the outlet hose or hoses from the valve ports if applicable, slide out any locking clips. Be equipped for some water to spill.
  • If required, get rid of the water that is old valve from the mounting plate or bracket.
  • Install the water that is new valve by aligning it in the mounting dish or bracket if required.
  • Completely insert the hose or hoses in to the socket ports and, if needed, fall in the locking clip or videos to secure.
  • Link the cable connecter or connecter into the solenoid terminals.
  • Position the mounting dish or bracket regarding the ice box thread and frame the screws to secure.
  • Realign the access panel and secure it with all the screws.
  • Connect the incoming water line into the valve’s inlet slot. Then use a wrench to tighten if the water is being supplied through copper tubing, hand-thread the tubing’s compression nut onto the inlet port. Avoid overtightening or perhaps you may harm the tubing.
  • Go the ice box straight back from the wall surface.
  • Turn water supply right straight back on.
  • Plug the refrigerator’s cord back.
  • Start the ice maker or run water through the dispenser to ensure the brand new supply valve is working correctly and there are not any leakages.

Discover the water that is right valve with fix Clinic

Since water supply valves vary with respect to the fridge model, it is essential to spot the valve that is exact fits your fridge. To achieve this, go into the complete model quantity of the applying into the fix Clinic search club, then select “Valve & Float” through the component category filter from the remaining region of the web web page to get the part that is matching. Fix Clinic stocks water supply valves for all the name that is top fridges, including Frigidaire, Whirlpool, Kenmore, Samsung, and LG, but you’ll want to be sure you’re purchasing the specific valve that matches your model.


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