:Pill Box 7 day 2 times a day(Clear) for Medication, Vitamins, Supplements and Cod Liver Oil

  • (1) Twice a Day Pill Boxes:7 separate rainbow-colored round pill boxes with 2 compartments( AM PM ), one box per day;  Pill case can store 7 days’ worth of medicine.

(2) Large Capacity: The outer box can well fit your backpack, and the inner pill organizers can fit into your pocket or purse; each compact pill container is also with a nice capacity to hold 7 fish oils or 14 capsules for daily uses.

(3) Light and Easy to Carry: 7 separate pill boxes, one day one box, you can take one or more with you for traveling or working.

(4) Durable And Clear Letter Marks: Each small pill organiser 7 day “am “”pm”,it adopted premium silk screen icon, it can be easy to read, And used for thousands of times, and won’t rub off.

(5) BPA Free: The combined design of premium solid ABS outer container and the food grade PP pill boxes with the double protection to keep your pills safe. BPA-free, safe for use. The inner daily pill boxes with exclusive moisture-proof design. Protect Drugs away from dampness.